How To Staycation

When you have been bitten by the travel bug and you can’t seem to find the time, money or resources to get away for a long weekend, maybe you should treat yourself to a staycation!

Here are some tips:

    • Look up tours your hometown offers. Think outside the box! There’s so many different kinds of tours offered daily in most major cities, from segway and bike tours to brewery and food tours. If you are in the mood for some knowledge, check out a walking tour that goes through some local history.
  • Gossip Girl Tour
  • Keep it simple! Check out a restaurant you’ve been dying to try and stay at a hotel in walking distance. Get full on food and wine, then crash before even thinking about having to drive home. Avoid chain restaurants!


  • Take classes! Try a salsa dancing class, or a painting/pottery class. Anything that will take you out of your routine activity. I’ve been wanting to try a sushi-making class.


  • See a show! Not just any show, but perhaps a poetry reading or a musical performance. If you wanted to keep it more low-key, check out the local high school’s play or a local band that’s performing at a bar.


  • Check out the museum, aquarium or zoo in your area. Even if you have been there before, I’m sure there’s a new attraction or something you missed the last time!

Now go on and embrace your hometown!


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