Top 5 New Year’s BlogOlutions

Happy New Year!

Another year has flew by and has me thinking “How is it already 2016?!” I’m sure I’m not the only one.

With the New Year comes new ideas, new plans, and of course, new resolutions. Maybe some people want to eat healthier or exercise more, or visit a new destination. But for me personally, I’m thinking ‘this is the year I will do more with my blog!’ I’m going to write more content, spruce up my images, put some best practices for monetization to use, etc.

I want to share five things on my to-do list for in 2016:

1.       Increase the number of blog posts I write per week.

There’s nothing wrong with only writing a couple posts a week, but I see more and more bloggers pushing out content almost 5-6 times a week. While it’s always necessary to focus on the quality of  content, why not increase the quantity, too! It may take more time to write a few extra posts, but with services like, I can streamline and organize your content by scheduling posts to publish at a later date! So, while I have time to write, I’ll be sure to take advantage of it and set a schedule. It will end up saving more time in the long-run.

2.       Get a more visually appealing theme.

I honestly don’t think anything is wrong with my theme as it is, but I do feel as though I need to see what else is out there. My goal is to find the right travel theme that works best for my content and pictures. I’ve had the same theme for 2+ years, so I think it’s time for a bit of a makeover to really showcase who I am in the best light.

(Side Tip: If you’re also looking for a new theme, you can browse through the many awesome designs that and Restored 316 Designs has to offer! These themes offer flexibility and customization, to obtain the look you’re going for with your blog.)

Restored 316 Feminine WordPress Theme Design using the Genesis Framework

3.       Alongside #2, make  images brighter and bolder!

It’s no secret that images appeal to reader’s emotions. In my opinion, the more images on a post, the better. I’m much more of a visual learner and I love looking at pictures of delicious food, travel destinations and fashion inspirations. There are always ways to improve your phone camera pictures if you don’t have an expensive camera. I started using PicMonkey to edit and touch up  photos. They offer a free service for certain features, but I’m thinking about an upgrade for this year!

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

4.       Join relevant affiliate programs to promote.

As my website and content is growing, so are the options to promote Merchants. The problem with me is that I join too many programs at once, then either forget to use them or don’t end up needing them anyways, as they don’t fit in with my content or they sell products I’ve personally never used. I’m going to focus more on finding the right brands to put on my blog and writing more travel product reviews.

 5.       Put tips and best practices for monetization to use. has already shared some amazing tips for anyone trying to earn money with a blog, so I think the following articles provide the best tips!

6 Tools Bloggers Should be Using

The Be’s of Blogging

6 Perks of Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Differentiating Affiliate Marketing


Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year! What are your New Year’s BlogOlutions? 

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