Travel Plans for 2016

Oh boy, do I have some plans for 2016. Not everything is set in stone quite yet, but I love to plan vacations! The ideas of them and the excitement of countdowns are what gets me through life – where do I get to go next?

To start, I’m not quite done with my travels for 2015. I am heading to WASHINGTON, DC tomorrow!  I’ve never been, so I’m really excited! Then, I’ll be going back to CINCINNATI for Christmas with the family. More to come on those travels, but for now I want to share with you my tentative schedule for traveling in 2016:

First, I’ll be heading back to VEGAS for work in January. It’s not likely that I’ll see another show, but Vegas is always a fun time – work or play.

In February, I’m doing another repeat trip. This time, to SALT LAKE CITY for more work purposes. I love how close the mountains are to downtown. Pretty views and nice people – always a good place to go!

No travel plans for March, but I do have most of my College friends coming to me in CHICAGO for a fun Bachelorette Party over St. Patty’s Day!

April will prove to be a busy time. I may be heading back to SALT LAKE CITY and I’m also going to COLUMBUS for my friends’ wedding.

May and June have no set plans, so I may need to look into planning some fun summer getaways. Or simply staying in Chicago to play Beach Volleyball would be a-okay with me. 

In July, I may be taking my first CALIFORNIA trip for work! It’s not set in stone, but I wouldn’t be upset if they send me there 🙂 At the end of July, my extended family is heading to KENTUCKY for a reunion, staying in cottages at the KY Dam Village State Park Resort. Should be a ‘dam’ good time.

No real plans for August, except maybe another work trip out to CALIFORNIA. Again, I wouldn’t be upset.

Now for the big tentative trip – EUROPE in September. I’ve never been overseas, and there’s been talks among my College friends about exploring Ireland, England and Scotland for a couple weeks. If so, count me in!

I am in a wedding in October for one of my best friend’s in INDIANA. So pumped to see her marry her High School Sweetheart.

Come November and December of 2016, I assume I’ll have used all my PTO days and be vacationing around the Holidays.

Whew, seems like a lot already, but I still have to find time for trips to DENVER and CANCUN to see my friends living out those ways, and another Bachelorette Party is in the works! Good thing I have some United travel vouchers!

What are your travel plans for 2016? What are you most excited for? I’d love to hear – feel free to comment below!

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