Reflecting on 2017 Travels, and Planning for 2018

I cannot believe it’s already New Year’s Eve. I know I’m not alone when I ask ‘Where did this year go?’

2017 truly flew by. I was fortunate enough to experience many new (to me) US cities, new foods, and even new countries.

When I wrote this post one year ago, I had no idea how far my travel would take me. Not only did I go on all the trips mentioned there, I also planned a trip to Toronto/Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Brussels and Bruges for my second Europe trip with friends, then got to go on two more international trips for work.

My company got acquired at the beginning of 2017 by one who has its headquarters in Berlin. Imagine my surprise when they invited us to a party in Milan in July, and I got to attend. We flew into Zurich before taking the train through the Swiss Alps and on to Italy. I ended the trip in gorgeous Lake Como.

Another surprise was my work telling me I got to attend a workshop in Berlin in November, completing my first trip to Germany.

A domestic work trip sent me to adorable Alexandria, near Washington DC, where I ended up the trip with my friend that I visited in 2016.

A few more that got added to my travel list in 2017 included roadtrips to Milwaukee, Saugatuck, Indianapolis, Columbus for a wedding, and of course, Cincinnati. I also flew back to Denver to drove around beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park and checked out Boulder for the first time.

All in all, 2017 was even more amazing than I could have dreamed of. I thought I had the travel bug before, but the bug has bit me all over. I’m constantly looking for flight deals and planning my dream vacations. My United Mileage Plus Card from Chase is definitely helping me gain points and book ‘free’ flights more than ever. Not to brag, but I’m almost to Gold Status 🙂

Which brings me to my 2018  travel plans. I am so freaking excited. It’s going to be a busy beginning of the year but I’d much rather be busy than bored.

In January, I’m heading to Las Vegas for a conference that I attend just about every year. It’ll be my 6th time in Vegas – hopefully it’s my lucky number because there will be just a little time to play some penny slots. The next weekend, I’m off to Napa Valley with my boyfriend Nic for a fun couple days before he has a work meeting on Monday in the area. Five days after I get back from Napa, I’m going to Phoenix for a one day work trip.

February is shaping to be possibly the most spectacular month ever – I’m going to Hawaii (Kauai and Oahu) with Nic for 10 days. This is obviously the one I’m most excited for. We booked a boat tour and a horseback riding adventure where they shot Jurassic Park. SO COOL. I’m very fortunate my boyfriend loves to travel as much as I do. Then, I’m going to Palm Springs at the end of the month for work for 4 days. Notice I’m totally getting out of Chicago for the majority of the Winter – and I’m totally okay with that.

In March, I’m actually going to chill out and perhaps stay in Chicago. My parents are coming for a visit then, and I’m very happy to host them in my city for a change. And hopefully it’ll be more warm by then.

I may head home (Cincinnati) for Easter this year in April, then I’m in the very beginning stages of planning a long weekend to Paris with a couple friends over the last weekend of this month.

In May, I’m jetting out to Utah for a work conference for a few days. There may be a Memorial Day Lake Trip planned too.

After May, I’ll probably have a few more work trips and of course some fun trips too. There’s talks about an Italy road trip, a trip to Spain/Portugal, and a long weekend in Portland, Oregon.

I can’t wait to see what other destinations 2018 will take me. I’ll be sure to enjoy the ride, and share it with you all.

What are your plans for 2018?


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