A Meal To Remember

lobster redo

Believe it or not, this picture is not from a restaurant. I was lucky enough to find me a man that can cook! This past Valentine’s Day, we decided to avoid the crowds at the steakhouses and seafood restaurants of Chicago, and enjoy our meal in the pleasant setting of our own living room. It was the most perfect decision! He went all out on this dish. I wish I could tell how he prepared everything, but I was not allowed in the kitchen until everything was completed – presentation of the plate included. He cooked rib eye steak and topped it with prosciutto. He whipped up some soup – bacon and scallops – and threw it into a empty orange (I would never think of that!) And let’s not forget the lobster tail! The healthy portion of this meal was the vast amount of cucumbers, squash and raspberries, which he threw some  fresh squeezed lemon juice and cilantro onto. It was a perfect meal for a perfect night!

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