Abby’s 30 Before 30 List

30 before 30 list

I’ve never made a list quite like this before, but I was inspired after having a conversation with my much older friends (JK you guys, they’re only a year and a half older), but they’re all turning 30 next year. Some of them are freaking out, some are quite content. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to feel once I’m a few months from 30. Will I be fine? Will I have a life crisis? TBD.

My birthday is next month and I’ll be turning 28. I’ve seen many people create these ‘bucket lists’ and I always thought they were kind of lame. Yet here I am today, pondering over ideas of trips, activities, etc. that I would like to accomplish before I turn the big 3-0. It was actually quite difficult coming up with 30 things (I’m more of a Top 5er), but I tried to make it as realistic as possible. At the same time, I really don’t think I’ll care if there are a few items that don’t get crossed off by the time I turn 30. So, maybe I will be just fine?

I have exactly two years and 50 days to try to complete as many as these amazing items as I can. Check out what I came up with (they all have some amount of thought behind them) and enjoy some pictures of me on my recent travels!

  1. Yoga Twice a Week
  2. Volunteer a Special Olympics Event
  3. Hike in New Zealand
  4. Visit Amsterdam 6/1/2017
  5. Redesign this blog 6/28/201730 before 30
  6. Buy a Crockpot 11/24/2016 Does a present for my birthday count? 
  7. Make My Own Wall Décor
  8. Buy a Brand New Laptop 12/25/2016 Purchased a MacBook Air as a Christmas gift to myself
  9. Host a Wine & Cheese Party
  10. Ski in Canada 3/1/2017 Whistler

    30 before 30

  11. Go to a Bar by Myself
  12. Be an Extra in a Movie
  13. Canoe on a Scenic Lake 7/15/2017 Lake Como
  14. Print Photos From my Travels But ongoing…
  15. Austin City Limits Music Festival

    30 before 30

  16. Get Lasik Surgery
  17. Run a Half Marathon 5/7/2017 Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Half
  18. See Thomas Rhett in Concert 6/23/2017 Chicago LakeShake
  19. Plan a Family Vacation
  20. Buy Expensive Sunglasses

    30 before 30

  21. Visit Copenhagen 5/28/2017
  22. Read a Few Books
  23. Road Trip to Madison, WI
  24. Rock Climb (on actual rocks)
  25. Buy Better Makeup 12/20/2016 Sephora trip, another Christmas present to myself

    30 before 30

  26. Visit Arizona 1/19/2017 Work trip in Phoenix
  27. Donate Old Clothes/Items to Goodwill 8/20/2017
  28. Stay in a Cabin in Maine in Autumn
  29. Get a Check-Up
  30. Play Volleyball With Strangers 4/15/2017

    30 before 30

Oh, and I’d also like to add a bonus – GET MY OWN PUPPY!

So there ya have it – my 30 Before 30 List. Do you think I can do it?! Have you made a 30 before 30 list? Comment below with your thoughts!

I'm Abby - a weekend getawayer, lover of beach volleyball, grilled cheese enthusiast and puppy dog admirer.


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