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Hi there! So glad you found me. Welcome to my little piece of the Internet – SchallWeGetAway.com. I’m Abby Schaller. ‘C’ what I did there?

I’ve called Chicago home since 2012, when I moved here from Cincinnati. I am a frequent weekend traveler who loves to visit new cities and try the local food hot spots. In 2015, I took 20 total trips, ranging from four-hour drives back to Cincinnati to flying down South to check out New Orleans for the first time. I hit the mark of about 20 trips in 2016 too, including my first Europe trip in September. And my 2017 is was pretty stellar, with trips to Canada, Copenhagen, Lake Como, and Amsterdam. I started 2018 with a bang – a 10 day stay in Hawaii in February and a Mediterranean cruise in August!

I’m in the Affiliate Marketing industry and I also get to travel a lot for work every year. I’ve been to conferences in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Santa Fe, New York City and more!

With all this weekend traveling and short getaways, I like to think I have the entire process down to a tee. Read my blog for tips and how-to’s on getting away for the weekend, and join me on my travel and food adventures!

Have any questions about weekend getaways or want to share your weekend travel experiences?

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Curious to know where I just was/where am I heading?

Just visited: NEW ZEALAND

Next getaways: MY COUCH

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