Why You Need to See the Gorgeous Canals of Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam, a few things probably pop into your mind:

legal marijuana




and last but not least, canals.

Out of all these things, the canals were what I found most fascinating. Amsterdam as a whole was the most unique city I’ve ever encountered.

My two friends and I arrived in Amsterdam after a few days in Copenhagen at the beginning of June. I was most excited to explore Amsterdam during this Eurotrip, because I’ve heard so many amazing things about the friendly people, the picturesque parks, and the plethora of museum options. And let’s not forget about the bikes. I heard it was a bikers town, but before going, I never realized how true this was. I think I saw a total of about 5 cars driving on the road while I was there (that’s an exaggeration, but you get it). BIKES EVERYWHERE.

We had the most perfect weather for our time in Amsterdam. While we broke it up a bit to take the train to Belgium for a couple days, we had sunny and warm weather the first two days, and then again the last two days when we returned. Talk about lucky!

Amsterdam is such a walkable city, which is why the awesome weather helped make our time in Amsterdam so enjoyable. It’s hard to go down a street in Amsterdam and not be strolling past water. That’s one of the things I loved about Amsterdam. On one side of you, you’ll have cute restaurants and boutiques, and you look to the other side to see a boat making it’s way down the canal with plenty of smiling faces.

We did not see Amsterdam by boat, but we did plenty of walking around the canals, especially around Amsterdam’s “Nine Streets.”

The three major canals of Amsterdam divide the Canal District into nine streets filled with art galleries, cafes, shops, etc. to keep you busy for a long time. With the view, you’ll never get sick of parading around this part of the city, which is also really close to Dam Square. You’ll also find the Anne Frank house in this area.

So what’s the true reason behind needing to see the Canal District in Amsterdam?

Aside from everything I mentioned, it’s adorable. And fun. And unique. And makes for great pictures. And don’t even get me started about how gorgeous it looks when the sun is setting, reflecting off the water. And it really just brings a smile to your face. Also, there are flowers.

What other city has so many canals just running through the middle of it? Not many, I’ll tell you that. Which is why it’s worth the trip to the Netherlands to take a stroll past the gorgeous canals and treat yourself to some shopping and good eats!

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