Atlanta, GA

One day after I returned from the Build Your Blog Conference and was back in the office, I was asked to go to Atlanta for the Design Bloggers Conference – the next day. Well why not. I left work early that day and quickly did laundry so I could re-pack all my conference attire. I hadn’t been to Atlanta since I was playing volleyball in high school, so I was pretty excited to check out the city again. This conference was in Buckhead, a cute town minutes from downtown Atlanta.

The conference was a really neat one to attend, as Nate Berkus and other HGTV and DIY network celebs were there! I actually got to attend some of the sessions too, which is unique for me. I learned a great deal from home decor and design bloggers, and it made me want to decorate my apartment all over again.

Also a noteworthy mention about Atlanta, they have one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. It’s called Umi, a Japanese restaurant serving up sushi and other Japanese dishes in a contemporary setting. While it was all amazing, my favorite dish was the lobster, which they served over a personal hot flame grill to get the perfect amount of crispiness.

Atlanta was a quick, but fun trip, then I was onto Cincinnati to surprise my mom for my parents 30th wedding anniversary! Stay tuned.

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