Benziger Family Winery

Remember that one time I went to San Francisco for an amazing girls trip? Well of course we went out to wine country for a couple days!

I heard Napa and Sonoma have over 1,000 wineries between the two of them. That was so shocking to me – I had no idea! We visited seven of them in our time out there. Any more wineries and I don’t know if we would have made it home. It’s hard to go wrong with your choice of winery, but I was definitely happy with the ones we visited, and I’m going to share my experiences about them one by one on this lovely blog of mine! Hopefully this will help you to plan a trip of your own to wine country.

I honestly could see myself living near Napa some day. It’s so beautiful, San Francisco is an awesome city to live close by to and everyone is so friendly! Not to mention wine is quickly becoming my favorite adult beverage to consume and relax with. I’ve come a long way since drinking Nati Light’s in college.

Us five girls stayed in the quaint little town of Glen Ellen, very close to Sonoma. We found the cutest cottage on VRBO, which we noticed was also super close to the Benziger Family Winery. We could have walked to this winery from our cottage, but we were on vacation, so we opted for the two minute drive.

I’m choosing to feature the Benziger Family Winery first because it was where we did our one and only wine tour, but it was also the most gorgeous vineyard I saw out there. You’ll see from my pictures just how photogenic it was.

The Benziger Family Winery was our first stop on our last day in wine country. We definitely started the day on the right foot! We arrived around 10am, pretty much as they were opening, and decided that we should hop on the first tram tour of the day at 11am. I’m SO glad we did! Not only did we learn a lot about their family history and the operations of harvesting the wine healthily, we had the most amazing views of the vineyards. We also went into the cave where they store all the wine barrels. Super neat! The tour was only $25 a person, which included the wine tasting at the end.

Straight from the Benziger Family Winery website, here is a little bit more about what the tram tour has to offer:

Join us for a Sonoma wine tour! Enjoy a close-up look at our Biodynamic vineyards, visit the fermentation facility, crush pad, and explore our barrel caves. The Biodynamic wine tour is approximately 45-minutes, including a special tasting of our award-winning wines.

I don’t want to spoil it all for you, but this winery is definitely off the beaten path of the overcrowded wineries in Napa and Sonoma, and has a lot to offer! The only downside to the Benziger Family Winery was that they did not ship to Illinois, so I could not ship any of the fabulous bottles home as a gift to myself.

Not convinced that you need to pay a visit to the Benziger Family Winery? Check out my photos! 

Wine Country 3

Wine Country 2

Wine Country 4

Wine Country 5

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