Bloomington, IN

Ever want to re-live your college glory days? That’s what I did a few weeks ago, when I decided to visit my roommate’s sister with her at Indiana University. Talk about a last minute trip – I had to work all day Friday and when I got off around 5:30 is when we decided to make the journey down to Bloomington. I packed a few outfits in my overnight bag and hoped the sorority I’d be lodging at for the weekend would have everything else I needed (who am I kidding – they had everything.. I even borrowed their wardrobe, too). So essentially, I needed just myself for this weekend getaway. We hopped in Brittany’s car around 7pm and hit the road. After getting stuck in traffic and stopping to get subway, we made it five hours later. 1am because of the time change. We passed the time by gossiping, singing at the top of our lungs and eating. All three of which are highly recommended for a road trip.

By the time we got there, it was definitely time for bed. We made sure to make the most of our trip on Saturday. We were told to be up by 9am so we could get ready and head out to the frats to pregame for the tailgate. I always thought that tailgating was pregaming, but not at IU. It’s a whole different world there from where I went to college in small town Ohio with 3,000 other students. Did I mention I was staying in a sorority? Way out of my comfort zone. We were ready to go by 11am and the boys from the frat were at the front door to pick us up. They took us to their house, where there was free breakfast and the booze were plentiful.. and also free. We were then taken to ‘the fields’ to tailgate, eat more and not watch any football. I was in desperate need for a nap after all of this.

And nap, we did. We mustered up enough strength to head out to a $5 Chinese meal and couple parties after our nap. It was certainly a good time and all around fun weekend, but it also made me realize 24 year olds do not belong drinking all day and all night at college campuses when they’re 2 years out of graduation. We got back on the road at a decent hour on Sunday and we’re back in Chicago by 5pm. This entire weekend getaway only costs me the $5 I spent on my exquisite Chinese dinner. Everything else was taken care of by the frat bros. Thanks bros!

(Helpful Tip: When graduated from college, don’t go back to any college for the weekend with the expectation that it will feel the same – it won’t. It will be very different).

I'm Abby - a weekend getawayer, lover of beach volleyball, grilled cheese enthusiast and puppy dog admirer.

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