Brussels Sprout Bruschetta

brusselsproutsThe only way to get me to eat brussels sprouts are if they are sauteed with salt and oil (or maybe some butter)! Adding cheese to the mix also helps. As I mentioned previously, my boyfriend is a pretty decent cook! While he got the idea for this particular type of bruschetta from his roommate, he still did a great job. I even helped on this easy dish!

We first started by removing the outer leaves of the brussels and making sure they were thinly sliced. Then, we put them in a frying pan with butter and salt, so they could get a nice crispiness to them. While I was working on the brussels sprout, he was cooking up the cheese, which included heavy whipping cream, cream cheese and a mozzarella ball. #CHEESE. It was more liquid than normal, but that’s how the presentation looked so yummy.

We toasted the mini pieces of ciabatta for a couple minutes, to let the olive oil soak into the bread, then we topped the bread with the cheese and brussels sprouts!


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