Celebrating in Cincy at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse

Montgomery Inn is a staple in Cincinnati. I’ve known about it my whole life from growing up there, but many out of towners are unaware of this hidden gem. If you are visiting Cincinnati soon and want to try some world famous ribs, please read on.

Montgomery Inn is known for their loin back ribs and deliciously awesome barbecue sauce. The restaurant opened in 1951 in Montgomery, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati. Today they have four locations: the original restaurant in Montgomery, one along the Ohio River in Cincinnati (the Boathouse), one across the bridge in Kentucky, and they’ve expanded to having a location in Columbus, OH. Many famous people from all over come to Cincinnati to put on a bib and take down a full slab of ribs!

Some quick, fun facts about Montgomery Inn:

  • -1969: Jonny Cash and June Carter perform live at the original restaurant
  • -1989: The Boathouse debuts to sellout crowds
  • -1999: James Brown performs an impromptu show at the Boathouse
  • -2004: Andre Agassi ate at the Boathouse then won the ATP tennis tournament
  • -2008: President George W. Bush shows up at Johnny Bench’s 60th birthday party at the Boathouse
  • -2013:The Today Show mentions Montgomery Inn as one of the best mail order food purchases from CincyFavorites.com!

This place is packed with amazing history. Their walls are covered from top to bottom with pictures of local to national celebrities enjoying the Montgomery Inn ribs and saratoga chips.

It’s certainly one of the most popular places to eat in Cincinnati on any given day. It’s especially popular during graduation season – which is what my family was there for! I was in town over Memorial Day Weekend to spend time with my family and celebrate my brother’s recent graduation. We decided that day to make an early reservation for dinner at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. I had been to the Kentucky location, but not this one seated along the river next to Sawyer Park. I was thrilled to finally be able to check it out!

We got there early for our reservation and went outside on the upper deck to have a beer and enjoy the view of the Ohio River. Appetizers are available outside, but not the full menu.

Montgomery Inn

Montgomery Inn 2

It didn’t take long for our table inside to be ready. We were honestly enjoying ourselves just fine on the patio during this super nice evening, but we were starting to get hungry and couldn’t wait to get our hands on those ribs!

We ordered onion straws to start and got another round of beers. My family is big on eating, so we ordered what felt like everything on the menu. My brother got the full slab of ribs, I got a combo of ribs and chicken, and we got a side of mac and cheese, saratoga chips (another must-order item), and baked potatoes to split. My dad tried the salmon, while my other brother got the pulled pork barbecue sandwich. Everything was top-notch! It definitely tasted just as good as it looked.

Montgomery Inn

Montgomery Inn 4

Montgomery Inn 5

Montgomery Inn 6

We didn’t stop at the entrees either. We got a couple desserts to split, too. Check out these guys!

Montgomery Inn 7

Montgomery Inn 8

The first is a chocolate marble cheesecake and the second is their take on an ice cream sandwich. You can’t go wrong with those choices!

I was so full by the end of dinner that I wasn’t sure if I could move. But, I forced myself to go on a stroll through Sawyer Park with my family to check out the sights. Another place in Cincinnati I’ve never been before! You would think I would have checked more places off my list in my 23 years of living there. Sawyer Park is a beautiful park along the Ohio River that is rich with history.There’s playgrounds, small monuments and plaques that teach you about Cincinnati back in the day. There’s also a small concert venue situated in the middle of the park. It was the great end to a great night with the fam damily!

Cincinnati Sawyer Point

Cincinnati Sawyer Point 3

Cincinnati Sawyer Point 2


Where have you and your family celebrated recently? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below!

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