Cincinnati, OH – Wedding Edition

You may recall my last post about Cincinnati and the ‘Nacho Ordinary Shower.’ Well, the big day finally arrived for my best friend and I was able to stand by her side every step of the way! I was so thrilled when Suzanne asked me to be a part of her Wedding Day. We have known each other since grade school, grew up in the same neighborhood and stayed really close even when I moved away for college and to Chicago. I knew this wedding party was going to be a blast, along with our other best friends from grade school. Not to mention, she was marrying a guy who also grew up in our neighborhood!

The rehearsal dinner was great. All of our friends and their family gathered at a local abandoned golf course country club and eat, drank and talked the night away. They catered food from Montgomery Inn – another Cincinnati favorite! So we indulged in ribs, potatoes, chicken and green beans. I loved the setup and being able to see everyone again!

IMG_1648 cincinnati1 cincinnati IMG_1659

The big day was on a Saturday. The girls got up early to get beautiful at Suzanne’s parents house (convenient for me!) I never got my make-up done before, so I was excited and a little bit afraid of looking like a clown. But, the girls did a great job on everyone and we were ready to go after 5 hours of the beauty session. They had their ‘first look’ on the side of Suzanne’s yard where they first said those three words (I Love You). Awwww. And after almost already crying, we took a few pictures and headed for the huge party bus to go to the church! IMG_1692 IMG_1695 IMG_1690The ceremony was at the church were most of the bridesmaids and I went to grade school. It was a beautiful service. We took more pictures at the country club where the rehearsal dinner was held and then we were off to the reception! This was probably one of the biggest weddings I’ve ever attended because the entire neighborhood was invited, but it was also one of the most fun weddings! We danced until we couldn’t dance any more. I’m so happy for the newlyweds and I can’t believe the next time I’m in town they will be husband and wife!

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