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I can’t believe I’ve had a Travel Log going since 2013 and I haven’t wrote about one of my trips back to my hometown – Cincinnati! This past weekend was my best friend’s bridal shower. I had to make it back for that! I finally brought my car to Chicago with me, so I had an easy transportation home. I took the day off on Friday, so I hit the road on Thursday after work and got in to town around midnight. I was exhausted, so nothing too exciting to report for Thursday night!

On Friday, I got up to head to breakfast with my mom and do a little shopping – a must when I’m home. I also had an appointment to get my hair cut and color – another must (I can get my hair done for about half the price in Cincinnati than Chicago). Friday night, I visited my friend and her fiance, and their brand new puppy child, Bristol! I love dogs, so I spent a while over there before heading to the local bar for some dinner with some friends. It was so good catching up with everyone!


The bridal shower started at noon on Saturday with the theme ‘Nacho Average Shower.’ That’s exactly what it was. We had a few margaritas and tacos after we watched the bride open her gifts. My friends who planned the shower thought of some awesome games. We played pin the mustache on the moose (the moose being her fiance, Frank), the classic game of asking the bride questions to see if she matches the grooms answers, and we even had a pinata! The shower mainly consisted of bridesmaids and close friends, and our mama’s. We had a blast with them! They had more fun than us girls. While the weather didn’t cooperate for the pool party portion, we didn’t let that damper our mood. Everyone lost track of time and before we know it, it’s midnight and everyone was slowly getting tired. After 12 hours of fun, drinking and eating, it was time to go home.

showerThe girls at the shower!

I allowed myself to sleep in on Sunday before making the drive back to Chicago. I had breakfast with the parental units and hung out with my dog, Izzie (again, I can’t believe this is the first time I’m mentioning my Izzertoots!) She’s a 7 year old mix between a basset hound and Australian shepherd, and the cutest dog ever. I’d love for her to come back to Chicago with me, but she sheds and I don’t have time to care for a dog right now, so it’s really sad when I have to leave her pretty face.


The drive back to Chicago took almost 5 hours, but it was so worth it to be home with my friends, family and doggy.

I'm Abby - a weekend getawayer, lover of beach volleyball, grilled cheese enthusiast and puppy dog admirer.

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