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I recently returned from another weekend getaway involving a wedding that’s on the horizon. I flew to Cleveland, OH for the weekend for a good college friend’s Bachelorette party. I had been to Cleveland before, but mainly to play volleyball, so this was the first time I got to enjoy the city’s downtown. Being from Cincinnati, it’s in my blood to “strongly dislike” Cleveland. The Bengals/Browns is one of the biggest rivalries that I know of, so it’s fun for me to fight with my Cleveland friends about which team is better. As the saying goes, “if it’s brown, flush it down.” But, that’s neither here nor there. I was excited to spend a weekend in Cleveland with my college besties for what was destined to be a great time.

I collected enough points through my United Mileage account that the flight was only 8.50. What. A. Steal. Thank you, United! I worked a half day on Friday before flying out of O’Hare. The flight was on time and we had arranged for the future bride’s sister-in-law to get me from the airport (it worked out that she worked close by). We then drove about 45 minutes to the burbs of CLE to hangout at their sisters, play games, go swimming and catch up. This was a ton of fun, but we had big plans for the next day.

On Saturday, there was a bridal shower for the bride at a very nice country club. We had coffee, played some more games, ate (of course) and watched her open gifts. It was a very nice setting and super organized shower. It was fun for all of us to be together, and be classy for a change. Our friend that had been traveling overseas who I personally hadn’t seen in years was also able to make it – so awesome getting to catch up with her.


The girls at the shower.


The Bride-To-Be and Me!


The view from the shower.

After the shower, we headed to downtown Cleveland to begin the un-classy portion of this Bachelorette weekend. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, which was a bank converted into a hotel. They still kept some of the original features in the lobby, and the elevators were still old-school. It was very pretty! The rooms were a great size, and we could easily fit four per room. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Cleveland. There was even complimentary breakfast in the morning!

The group played a few more games at the hotel (the rated R version) then we walked down the block for Chocolate Bar. I had never been to a Chocolate Bar, but there options for drinks were limitless! I had to go with a chocolate covered pretzel martini, because why not? It’s what their known for! A couple girls and I spilt a few flatbreads between us and those were great, too. After dinner, we attended a “show” and hit up a couple bars within walking distance. It was such a fun night and I admit to liking what downtown Cleveland has to offer!


Some of the girls at dinner. IMG_1754

My Chocolate Covered Pretzel Martini.


Another one of the Bride and me!


All of the girls at her wedding venue!

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