Columbus, OH

Most of my college buddies live in the great capital of Ohio. I’ve been there four times in the past year for Buckeye Tailgate parties, a Bachelorette party and a volleyball reunion party – all things I did not want to miss. Most of the time, you can find very cheap round-trip flights through United from Chicago to Columbus. A 45 minute flight sure beats the 6 hour drive. Since my friends are there, it’s very easy to know exactly what I need to bring and what we’ll be doing while I’m there.

For my most frequent trip, I found a cheap flight through Priceline at times where I could still complete a full work day and be back in Chicago by 10pm on Sunday. I needed to pack warm clothes, as we were going to be outside tailgating for the majority of Saturday. Also, my friend and I were running a 5k in the morning so I needed running gear, as well. That’s where my extra large purse and superior packing skills came in handy and I didn’t have to check a bag.

Once I landed on Friday night, (unfortunately the 1 hour time change was not in my favor on the way there) I met the girls at a bar about 15 minutes from the airport We enjoyed a nice catch-up session but knew we were in for a long day the next day. We woke up early Saturday to partake in the ‘Great Pumpkin Run’ then went right to brunch for Mimosas and a nice, hearty breakfast. After our bellies were full, we went to get ready tailgate in the cold for the Buckeyes. Beer, sports fans, great friends and warm chili comprised of my Saturday.

As to not ditch the sports themed weekend, we hit the bar Sunday for Sunday Funday and a little Bengals action. I was having too much fun that I called United on Sunday to see if I could switch my flight to Monday morning – the only problem was that I had to be at work at 9am. There was actually room on a flight leaving Monday, but it would get in too late.

Due to the fact that I had my entire weekend planned out, it was well worth the very short trip to Columbus. There was never a dull moment when my college buddies and I get together!

I'm Abby - a weekend getawayer, lover of beach volleyball, grilled cheese enthusiast and puppy dog admirer.

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