Domaine Carneros: Best Sparkling Wines in Napa

domaine carneros

Domaine Carneros, how I loved my visit with thee. You can’t get more majestic looking than this place.

Domaine Carneros was our last stop of winery visits on day one. It was in a great location to pop in on the way back to our rental home in Glen Ellen after a long day of exploring Napa. You really can’t miss it off the main road.

Since we had already been to three wineries before Domaine Carneros (it is possible to do four wineries in one day in Napa!), we were already feeling pretty good and were ready for some snacks! We ordered food before we even started looking at the wine list, which was definitely uncommon for us. Their finger foods certainly hit the spot! If you find yourself at this fine establishment, definitely order the cheese plate.

Now for the wines. Domaine Carneros is known for their sparkling wines. I was ready for something different, as I had been drowning myself in Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio’s all morning and afternoon. Sparkling wine sounded like just what I needed to cap off a successful day in Napa!

Since I couldn’t decide on a specific beverage, I opted for the sparkling wine flight. I highly recommend this, also! All four wines come on a super cute place mat, detailing exactly what it is you’re drinking. My favorite was the Brut Rose. I’ve become a huge Rose fan. I could totally drink “Rose all day,” any day 🙂

domaine carneros

Obviously the atmosphere at this ‘castle’ was amazing. I think we got there late enough that a spot on the magnificent patio magically opened up for us. However, if this is on your list of places to visit (which it should be), I would recommend making a reservation to be safe. They also offer a 90 minute tour that we did not have the pleasure of completing.

While the view wasn’t as great as the Benziger Family Winery, it was still enjoyable. They had a couple very small vineyards and a pond by the parking lot. The main beauty is in the architecture of the winery building itself, of course!

domaine carneros

The winding road that runs through the view at the top of Domaine Carneros shows you just how pretty driving around wine country truly is! I could drive for days if I had views like this!

domaine carneros

So there you have it. Two winery reviews down. If you’re planning a trip to wine country, remember that Benziger has some of the best views, and Domaine Carneros has the best sparkling wines to enjoy on a great patio space!

If you’ve been to Napa before, what was your favorite winery?! Let me know in the comments, because I am already itching to go back.

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