Treat Yo’self – at Duck Duck Goat!


There’s not much to say about Duck Duck Goat, other than it’s incredible and you need to try it NOW!

In all seriousness, it’s hands-down one of the best places I’ve ever eaten at. I now understand why it took us a couple months to get a reservation there.

For a “treat yo’self” evening, my friend and I went to Duck Duck Goat in December. We had tried Girl and the Goat (their sister restaurant) previously, and have been itching to try Duck Duck Goat since it opened in March. You can read about our amazing experience at Girl and the Goat here.

All I know, is Stephanie Izard, the chef of these fine establishments, is doing something right. The creativity that goes into each dish is outstanding! It’s some of the most unique foods I’ve tasted in Chicago (and I eat a lot).

I can honestly say I’d eat at Duck Duck Goat three times a week for the next year and never get sick of it. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of time or funds. The walls are decked out in fun decor and wallpaper. I had the pleasure of sitting in front of a fancy mirror, so I could watch me stuff my face for an hour and a half.

The setting.
The setting.
How cute are the little goats on their logo?!
How cute are the little ducks on their menu cover?!

The service was among some of the best. Our waitress made sure to give us great recommendations and helped us greatly with our questions on the menu. All the dishes were spread out and timed perfectly -not too much wait time, but enough time to enjoy each dish individually.

We wanted to be sure to try as much as we could during our night here, because we knew it could be another couple months before we were able to get in again.

As with all of our “treat yo’self” nights, we went all out. We tried a little bit of everything from the different sections on the menu. We got the dim sum, fried rice and main dishes covered. Here’s the five plates we ended up with:


Pork and crab soup dumplings.
Pork and crab soup dumplings.


Beef short rib and bone marrow potstickers.
Beef short rib and bone marrow potstickers.


Shrimp, goat sausage, eggplant and mushroom.


duck duck goat


Jasmine rice with soft-boiled duck egg.
Jasmine rice with soft-boiled duck egg.

Needless to say, we did not have room for dessert after all this. It didn’t help that the heaviest of them all came out last, which was the duck fried rice. I was so full, but I couldn’t stop eating it!

Everything was SO GOOD, I really don’t know what was my favorite. If I HAD to choose, I’d say it’s a toss-up between the pekan chicken and the jiazo. I still dream about those two. However, everything had such a great mix of flavor, and I would have loved to been able to try more good eats from here.

Of course, I highly recommend Duck Duck Goat. If you plan to visit Chicago soon, be sure to make a reservation in advance and experience this awesome Fulton Market restaurant.

If you live in Chicago and haven’t tried Duck Duck Goat – what are you waiting for?! You need to get here ASAP. Your taste buds will thank you.

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