Duck for Dinner


A trip to Whole Foods with my boyfriend to get some finger snacks and frozen pizza for dinner last night turned into a ‘hey let’s get ingredients for that duck meal I saw in 20 Dinners.‘ Well, okay then. I guess we had some time to kill anyways. I had no idea what we needed for this gourmet dinner, but I helped out as much as possible. I must have made at least 10 laps around Whole Foods by the time we had left. We (he) definitely put our (his) own spin on this delicious dinner. He has the imagination and creativity when it comes to cooking that I wish I had.

From what I know (excuse me for not knowing all that went into preparation – I was too busy watching the Bengals preseason game. Is something wrong with this picture?), he cooked the duck in a baking dish in the oven, then added roasted cherry tomatoes, figs and pears. For seasonings, he used rosemary, lavender and honey. He topped it off with goat cheese puree, which makes everything instantly better. I think he did a pretty outstanding job! Have you been creative in the kitchen lately? Feel free to comment below!

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