Girl & The Goat

Every once in a while, my friend and I like to really treat ourselves. This of course comes from loving Aziz Ansari and watching too much Parks & Rec back in the day. TREAT YOSELF. You know what I’m talking about…

There’s so many great restaurants in Chicago that we always hear about and want to experience for ourselves. So we thought, why not treat ourselves once a month? It’s a pretty solid game plan because we now have a list of restaurants lined up that will keep us busy, happy, full and maybe a little broke for months to come!

Two days ago, we paid a visit to a restaurant that’s been first on our list for a while now:

Girl & The Goat

I heard the food was unlike anything you’ll every try (in a good way). I also heard it was nearly impossible to get reservations, unless you wanted them a few weeks out. Somehow, we landed an 8:30pm reservation for Wednesday on Monday. Score! This was already starting off on the right foot.

Since Girl & The Goat is in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, we hopped in a taxi after work a couple hours before our reservation and checked out two bars in the same area that we’ve also been wanting to try. We first hit up Booze Box, which is in the basement of Sushi Dokku. The doors opened at 6:00pm; we were there at 6:01pm. The bartender was super helpful with informing us which Japanese cocktail we should drink to start the night. I ended up ordering two – the Momotaro and the Ginergoo – because why not.


We still had an hour to kill before our reseveration after Booze Box, so we walked across the street to RM Champagne. A nice bar/restaurant, primarily lit with candles. A perfect date night spot in the West Loop! We ordered a glass of Rose, because we’re fancy like that, and enjoyed the bar’s fireplace.

RM Champagne Menu

RM Champagne

Then, it was finally time for Girl & The Goat! I was beyond excited for this. I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never even seen the menu, I’ve just always heard it’s THE place to try in Chicago, so I went in blindly. I really enjoyed Girl & The Goat’s back story, which you can read here.

Our waiter was detailed and very willing to help us with the menu. Since we were newbies, he explained everything thoroughly and gave us his suggestions. Everything is small plates, with the least heavy dish coming first, and finishing with the most heavy. We ordered five plates at once and we were ready to indulge. They came out in the following order, description provided from the menu:

Goat Empanadas
miso-blue cheese aioli. squash-apple slaw.
Escargot Dumplings
Escargot Dumplings
bacon tamarind sauce. escarole and celery. crispy onions.
Girl and the Goat Frites
Ham Frites
smoked tomato aioli. cheddar beer sauce.
Sweet Potato Bleu Cheese Pierogies
mushroom cream. maitake mushroom ragout. apple.
Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face
sunny side egg. tamarind. cilantro. red wine-maple. potato stix.

Wow. I’ve never been more full in my life! Maybe we overdid it, but I was glad to experience it all. Everything was delicious and stuck to what I originally heard – unlike anything my taste buds have come across! A couple years ago, if you told me I’d be eating escargot dumplings and a pig face, I would have thought you were insane. The chef really nailed everything we ate. They all had their own crunch and creaminess to them, which is an aspect I enjoy in all foods. In conclusion, I thought Girl & The Goat was amazing, just like everyone else:)

We also ordered a bottle of Rose, and our tab split down the middle was $80 each. Not too shabby! I can’t wait to get back to Girl  & The Goat to check off more bizarre foods on my list!

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