Glacier National Park – Montana

This trip to Glacier National Park wasn’t so much of a weekend getaway, as it was a week-long family vacation filled with hiking, whitewater rafting adventures and eating by the campfire.

My crazy father decided that he wanted to fly into Spokane, Washington and make the 8 hour drive to Glacier. I had never been to the state of Washington, so that was an item to check off the bucket list. But once I was stuck in a van with my family members, I really wished I had booked my flight closer to our cabin in West Glacier. Although I must admit, the part of the drive through Idaho was quick – and pretty!

My mom, dad, brother, grandma, cousin, aunt, uncle and I all stayed at a family friends cabin, a 2 minute drive from the entrance into Glacier, for an entire week. It was just the peacefulness I needed during this crazy summer. The cabin came fully stocked with kayaks, bicycles, rafts and bear deterrent spray. There was a fire pit at the back of the house where we ended every night. It was spacious and the decor exactly matched the feel for the weekend.

In the week we were there, we took my 80 year old grandma on three different weeks, traveled across ‘Going to the Sun Road’ multiple times and went on a white water rafting day trip! We also went horse back riding for a few hours and took the bikes on multiple journeys in the cabin’s neighborhood. The beauty of the mountains and trees out there is a picture that will be sketched in my memory forever.



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