One Fancy Nordic Dining Experience in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is filled with cute Nordic style shops and restaurants. We had seen plenty during our 3.5 day stay there a month ago, but we had yet to try Nordic cuisine. And we were intrigued.

As travelers do, we found a bar with Wifi, ordered some delicious beers, and got to asking Google where we could find some awesome Nordic cuisine. A restaurant called ‘Host’ kept popping up in our searches.

We asked the bartender for a dinner recommendation, and he had the same answer: ‘Host.’

So when we pulled it up on the map and noticed we were only a 5 minute walk away, it was decision-made. However, the bartender let us know that we may have to wait for a while if we didn’t have a reservation (obvs we didn’t). We were willing to risk it!

As soon as we walked into the place, I knew I was going to love it. I loved the decor, I loved how friendly the staff was, and I loved seeing how much fun the other patrons were having.

It dawned on me then that we may be in for an awesome, yet very pricey meal. But still, we were going for it.

The hostess told us it may be about 15 minutes – not bad! And in less than 10, we were being escorted away to our table downstairs, walking past all the wooden chairs and tables with delicious looking foods and wine. Laughter and loud conversation filled the air. It appeared dark in the basement, but had quite a nice feel.

We were seated and given the menu. That’s when the full realization of expense set in – we were locked into either a 3 course or 5 course meal, with the option for wine pairings. Since we were so ready to eat and had enough booze on the day, we decided to go for the 5 course meal and order just 1 glass of wine separately. This was our ‘TREAT YOSELF’ meal and I couldn’t wait to indulge in some fine Nordic cuisine!

It appears they have changed the menu with different items for the 5 course meal online since we ate here, so I apologize for not having written down any of the name or descriptions of the dishes.  I was too busy enjoying the meal. I do, however, have pictures of everything I ate that night to document this wonderful dining experience.

In my mind, this was no 5 course meal, but a 9 course meal. Everything in between the apps and the main servings were palate cleansers, though some of them seemed just as large as the actual dish. Maybe they do this at all fancy restaurants? I don’t know, I’m not used to this! Don’t judge for my lack of knowledge on fancy Nordic dining.

The pictures show the order of our plates. They came out perfectly spaced from one another, each one better than the one before.

Now, let the mouthwatering and jealousy commence!

And here’s all of them, side by side:

All of these dishes had such amazing and unique flavors. Even the butter that came with the bread was tasty.

So, what do you think of this 9, err I mean 5, course meal? Would you eat here? Comment below!

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