How To Document Your Travels

When I look back on vacations, I sometimes wish I had something more than just what my memory serves. Since I started this blog and went back and read some of my previous posts, I realized that if I never wrote it down, I probably wouldn’t have remembered it as well. Not everyone needs to start their own blog, but here are several ways to document your trips!

1. Keep a journal and a pen in your backpack at all times, so when a fun moment strikes or a peaceful downtime comes your way, you’ll be ready.

RV There yet? Journal Notebook

2. As soon as you get home from your trip, write a book about it! This is super easy and fun to do with websites like Check them out here!

3. Keep highlights of the trip recorded in the ‘notes’ app on your phone. It’s very accessible and saves some time!

4. Buy a GoPro! You don’t need to be in the wilderness or skiing to take advantage of them. Record you and your friends during some of the most adventurous parts of vacation! 

GoPro HD HERO 3 Black
from: Colorado Kayak Supply

If you hold on tight to these memories, you’ll certainly thank yourself later!


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