How To Pack For A Short Trip

The words that come out of everyone’s mouth before embarking on a journey, “I hate packing.” To be honest, I don’t mind the task. I actually feel very accomplished after packing all the necessities and having room for additional outfits. The main 2 key factors for me is to know what the weather will be like and have the perfect suitcase. I got my 3 piece luggage set from Rue La La so I am prepared for all occasions.

Here are some of my best practices when it comes to the daunting task of packing:

-I like to lay my outfits out for each day I’ll be gone on my bed. This helps me to not overpack and ensure I’ll be clothed properly for every occasion.

-Roll your clothes, don’t fold. My friend was leaving for Australia on a one-way ticket and her mom taught me this tip. It definitely takes up less room than folded clothes. It’s genius.

-I have friends that will bring full sized bottles of shampoo, soap, lotions, etc. on their trips. This is totally unnecessary. Go to CVS and buy travel sized items of your toiletries. I don’t bring any if I’ll be staying with friends – think of how much space I save then!

-Buy a large purse to use for your personal item when flying. I’m talking very large. When I fly, I like to bring my carry-on suitcase and my giant purse. I fit a pair of gym shoes, a smaller purse and my electronics in there and didn’t have to check a bag!

-Wear layers while you travel. It helps to wear the bulky coat that you may not need at the time, but you can always use it as a blanket while traveling.

-Use packing aids and organizers.

I hope this helps you pack for your next trip!

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