How To Pass Time During Your Travels

Since moving to Chicago, I’ve had to take the Megabus to and from my hometown of Cincinnati more times than I can count now. This ends up being a solid 6 road trip, with two twenty minute stops at a rest area and in Indianapolis. I remember my first trip back home, I was bored within the first hour.

Below are some things I do to make the travel time go quicker:

Listen to music. I still make the mistake of forgetting my headphones when I travel. Travel time is sufficiently more tolerable when you have music in the ears. I like listening to Pandora, because it gives you a variety of music and you don’t have to continue updating your iPod.

Be social. Make friends with the person next to you. Talk about why they’re going to the same destination, where their from and what they’ll be doing when they get there – maybe you’ll get some ideas!

Sleep. You’ll need to get a good nap in before you start your adventure in a new city. I highly recommend buying a small pillow to make yourself comfortable.

Eat. This may sound like a strange one, and your neighbors may hate you for this, but it definitely helps pass time. My favorite trip snacks are chocolate covered pretzels and lays potato chips.

Play a Game. If your with friends and family, games can consume a lot of time. I like to play the celebrity game – you name a famous person and the next person has to name someone whose first name begins with the first letter in their last name. (i.e. Julia Roberts, next person could say Ryan Gosling)

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