How To Survive Wedding Season

This Summer, I have 5 weddings to attend within a 3 month time-span. The first 3 of the weddings are every other weekend. None of them are in Chicago, so I’ll be traveling often. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings and I love my friends and family who are tying the knot, but the thought of traveling so much in such a little time can be overwhelming – buying gifts, figuring out the right look, planning how to get there, booking the hotel – are all a part of the process, too. (Well, I thought I was overwhelmed until I talked to someone who is going to 15 weddings this year – 15?! How is that possible?!)

Not to mention, I’m in two of the weddings this year, so with that comes the wedding showers and bachelorette parties that take place beforehand. Needless to say, I’m spending a lot of money this summer and I’m barely in Chicago for more than two weekends in row. Again – all this is fine! It’s been a blast celebrating with my friends and I couldn’t be happier for them. But, how do I stay organized, on-time and not missing a beat? With my OneNote, to-do lists and emails.

First and foremost, I keep a log of all bachelorette parties, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners and weddings in a separate calendar in my Microsoft OneNote. I requested my vacation days for these special events in advance, and I open my OneNote daily to remind myself of what’s coming next. It’s really easy for me to see it all next to each other and it helps me remember what I have to do for each one. Here’s a screenshot of what my OneNote looks like during #WeddingSeason:

Month: Days Requested Off: Occasion:
May 2 Suz’s Bachelorette in Nashville 5/29-31 – OFF



Allie’s Bachelorette in Chicago 6/6

Allie’s Wedding Shower in Chicago 6/21

Suz’s Wedding Shower in Cincy 6/27

July 3 Allie’s Wedding  Shower in Valpo  2 7/26
August 2



Suz’s Wedding in Cincy  8/6 – 8/8

Sharon’s Bachelorette in Cleveland 8/15

Allie’s Wedding in Michigan 8/22

September 1 Katie’s wedding in Kentucky 9/6

Kelsey’s Wedding in Cincinnati 9/26

October   Sharon’s Wedding in Cleveland 10/24

I decided to bring my car to Chicago this Summer, so that’s been a big stress off my back in trying to find plane, train or bus tickets (although, I did use my mileage points for a flight for the fun in Cleveland – a 6 hour drive alone and probably hungover, no thanks). So the travel portion is pretty much taken care of. Phew. Wipe the sweat away.

Since there are a lot of back to back weekends, I try to stay organized by unpacking my bags and doing laundry as soon as I return from a destination, no matter how tired I am. Having a tidy apartment and clean clothes help keep me sane during these busy travel months. It also helps me to relax in the little time I get to spend in my apartment. That way, I can focus on work for the week until it’s time to pack again for the next trip. As I mentioned here, I’m a decent packer and try not to stress too much about that portion.

I was a little last minute on the gift buying this year, but luckily I have friends that are more on top of things and willing to buy the gifts and split the costs. That’s very helpful. I find that sometimes, I was running out last minute to purchase a gift or card. There’s always room for improvement. I’ve never been an amazing gift giver, but it’s the thought that counts, right 🙂 I’ll work on it!

With the showers and parties, there’s always the fun little things to do too – filling out the RSVPs, giving the bride your favorite recipe, creating a scrapbook page, etc. This is where the To-Do lists and emails come in handy. As soon as I get an email from the party host about what we are doing at the event, I almost always grab a post-it note and write it down so I don’t forget. At the end of the week, I go through my post-its and try to complete the tasks in one night. I may be carrying around eight different post-it notes with 20 different little items to complete, but it sure feels amazing to toss them in a trash can when I’m done.

Organization and lists are basically how I stay stress-free when it’s time to

Keep Calm


Enjoy Wedding Season

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