Midwest Road Trip

We’ve officially completed three months in the new year (how? I do not know) and I’ve only taken repeat trips so far. This is totally fine by me! It helps me to get familiar with cities other than Chicago. Every time I travel somewhere for a second, third, even fourth time, I still learn something new and there’s always places to try that I missed the first time around!

I kicked off the 2016 travel adventures in Las Vegas for work then shortly after journeyed down to a wedding in Indiana for a weekend. In February, I went to Michigan for a long weekend getaway then was in Salt Lake City for another work trip a few days later. For the last month in March, my boyfriend and I went to Cincinnati for a couple days then headed up to the mitten state for Easter! We actually conquered four states in four days – IL, KY, OH, MI.

The weekend went by way too fast, but I was happy we got to visit with family and friends. I was super excited to hang with Drambo. Remember him? He’s just the cutest. This weekend getaway was slightly different because I now have my car. I got very used to flying everywhere I went for the convenience factor, but having a car in Chicago will make getting back to nearby cities, such as Cincinnati and Kalamazoo, a lot easier. Luckily, the drive from Cincinnati to Kalamazoo is only and pretty much spot on four and a half hours (well, the drive from Cincinnati to the golf course near Kalamazoo at least). I think I can tolerate my boyfriend in the car for that long ๐Ÿ™‚ On the final leg of the trip from Kalamazoo back to Chicago, we may or may not have sang Disney songs the whole way.

I didn’t take too many pictures because I was too busy catching up with everyone I haven’t seen in a few months, but I wanted to share our trip from Chicago to Cincinnati to Kalamazoo (it’s mostly pictures of the dogs in my life, so if you love dogs, definitely check them out)! It was a fun road trip and I can’t wait to have more time to stop at other places along the way or off the beaten path!

Where have you road tripped to recently?!

Cincinnati - Drambo the Great Dane
First stop – See Drambo!
Cincinnati Trip - Izz & Drambo
Loved watching them interact with each other <3
Cincinnati Trip - Izzie & Drambo
Izzie likes to think she’s a cat.
Cincinnati Trip - Izzie
Her favorite thing – strolling around the neighborhood!
Cincinnati - downtown
Downtown Cincinnati – From the KY side
Cincinnati Trip - Newport
Newport on the Levee – Hofbrauhaus
Michigan Golf
First stop in MI – GOLF
Michigan Trip - Easter
Beautiful Lake at the Easter Family Party

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