Moving Day!

While this post isn’t necessarily about a vacation, I did travel down the road a couple miles to move into my new apartment, where I’ll be for at least the next year of my life! I was (still am) super nervous about this transition, as it’s the first time I’ll be living by myself – no roomies, just me, myself and I. I had an amazing two years with two of my closest friends in Lincoln Park, but sadly, we went our separate ways and I decided to rent a studio apartment in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. On the plus side, I am closer to work and a lot closer to Lake Michigan! My mom is an angel and drove to Chicago from Cincinnati to help me with the trek down the street. To my surprise, she brought me some awesome home decor that helped turn my little studio apartment into a comfy home. I can’t take the credit for what you see in these pictures, because this is all her doing! She helped me with the layout and everything was organized the same day I moved in (with the help of a few strong men, of course). So far, I am loving my studio and can’t wait to have people over!










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