No Place Like Nashville for NYE!



My first of many trips for 2017 is in the books!

For New Years Eve, I wanted to get away from Chicago. Having celebrated NYE in Chicago for the last 4 out of 5 years makes it not as appealing any more. The lines, the cold, the cost to get into any bars were all in my mind as I was trying to make the decision to stay or go, eventually leading to the choice – GO. And I went to..


If I’m going to leave Chicago in the Winter, you better believe I’m heading south for warmer weather (or at least somewhere with mountains). I thought Nashville would be slightly warmer than what it actually was, but since it was still more warm than Chicago, I’ll consider that a win.

My friend from college planned this trip, so all I had to do was buy my flights and show up. Most people drove down from Columbus, but I opted to fly. The drive from Chicago to Nashville and back does not sound like something I’d want to do by myself. Flights for the big NYE celebration were relatively inexpensive. I flew down on United and back on Southwest, which was the most cost effective way to go. It stayed under $300 round-trip.

The crew arrived in Nashville a day earlier than me because I had to work (no more vacation days for this girl at the end of the year). I got there the Friday right before NYE and stayed through Monday. Three nights in Nashville is more than enough for me!

I really enjoyed Nashville, not just because of the people I was with, but because I got to explore more of the city than just the crowded Broadway bars. That’s all I thought Nashville had to offer when I was there for my friend’s bachelorette party last year!

Nashville is more than country music. This city has amazing food, enjoyable blues bars and sprawling neighborhoods just outside of downtown that are worth a visit. Our group of 10 rented a house for the weekend in East Nashville. Easily accessible to Broadway bars, but had a stretch of awesome bars all of their own.

Let’s chat about the different areas in Nashville to experience for your next trip to Music City USA!

Printers Alley

On the first night, I discovered Printers Alley. My friend knew of Printers Alley from a previous trip, but I had never heard of this area. It’s very close to Broadway and rich in history. We went to two different bars here:

Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar

I looooved this bar! It’s a legendary blues bar with amazing energy, great live music, fast service and delicious food. What more could you ask for?! Since it was Friday night, Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar was crowded, but we found seating on the upstairs balcony and had a great shot of the band. I felt like I was back in New Orleans. When we left, there was a huge line of people waiting to get in, so I’m glad we went earlier in the evening. If you like to boogie to some classic blues, definitely check out this place.

Nashville Nashville Nashville

Ms. Kelli’s Karaoke

After grooving with the band at Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar, we walked on over to Ms. Kelli’s. They’re basically next door to each other. Ms. Kelli’s is a karaoke bar, welcoming guests of any talent level! Thank goodness, because my friends and I have zero talent when it comes to singing. Nonetheless, since we had the drunk confidence to sign ourselves up to sing ‘Any Man of Mine’ by Shania Twain. We had so much fun on stage, but I’m not sure if the audience had as much fun listening to us. Ms. Kelli’s is a great place to make new friends and sing along to some classic karaoke picks!

Nashville Nashville

5 Points

The 5 Spot

We spent a lot of time in an area called 5 Points in East Nashville. We held our own little bar crawl on NYE here! It was too much fun, and a lot more cost effective than having to pay a $25 cover to get into a single bar on Broadway. For NYE, we found a place called The 5 Spot. They were offering a $5 cover, cheap drinks and a live rock band. We talked to a few locals and heard this laid-back, fun bar typically had good bands and a dance floor. We were quickly drawn into those factors and The 5 Spot ended up being a great place to enjoy NYE.


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3 Crow Bar

We spent new year’s eve day at 3 Crow Bar. It’s very close to The 5 Spot, and it was a perfect spot to watch the football games. There were plenty of TVs, and choices for food and drink. Apparently, they have some of the best wings in Nashville, so I ordered some for myself. They were great! I also ordered a patty melt, as that was also listed as a ‘favorite’ on the menu. My new year’s resolutions hadn’t started yet, so I made sure to indulge in some greasy, fatty foods. 3 Crow Bar was an awesome sports bar to chill at for the day.

Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co

Or the shortened version, Tenn16, was definitely on our radar after attempting to find brunch spots in East Nashville. After looking at the menu, we desperately wanted to try it. Skillet Cornbread? Crawfish Carbonara? Apple Bourbon Glazed Porkchop? Sign me up! Unfortunately, there was over an hour and a half long wait to be seated for food, so our dreams were shattered. Luckily, we were within walking distance to so many other great places. Tenn16 also has a fun back entrance to the place, labeling itself only as ‘BAR.’


Broadway & Downtown

The most popular of tourist destinations in Nashville, it’s always important to visit Broadway Street. There’s awesome live bands and dancing around every corner! Below I’ve listed several of the staples we visited on our last day in Nashville:


Honky Tonk Central

The Stage (side tip: be sure to check out who’s playing on the second floor!)


I absolutely love Nashville, but it’s easy to hate it when you leave. For three straight days, all I did was eat too much fried food, drink too many adult beverages and sleep too little. I think over half of our group got some sort of illness when we got back home. We can’t hang anymore!

But, I wouldn’t have traded in this wild and crazy NYE for anything else. It was a special time with friends that I don’t get to see everyday.

I’ve detoxed from this celebration and I’m finally ready to tackle my resolutions, which include taking care of myself more and traveling to more fun places like Nashville!

Where did you go for NYE? How are your resolutions going? Comment below!

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