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I had never been to New York City until I was 23 years old. Then, I had the opportunity to visit The Concrete Jungle about 3 times in less than a year for work and to visit my boyfriend at the time. My first time there was in May of 2012 and I was in shock. Moving to Chicago from Cincinnati was whirlwind enough for me – then being able to explore NYC with someone who knew the city well.. I can’t even put it into words. I don’t understand how people live there and find their way around all the time! It was so congested, but so beautiful. I can see how it is literally the city that never sleeps. I was fortunate enough to find fairly cheap round trip prices to travel at there at a late notice. Also, I never had to pay for lodging, which I’m sure saved me a ton of money. I was also able to pack lightly for my short trips here and not pay for a checked bag!

I got to experience NYC in it’s fullest during my times there. I got to explore Central Park for my free time during my work trip. I went in the Empire State and saw the city from it’s observation deck. I saw two shows on Broadway up close and personal – The Newsies and Nice Work If You Can Get It starring Matthew Broderick. I enjoyed a Yankees game from 10 rows back. I saw the 9/11 Memorial. I shopped on Canal Street. I drank Horseradish vodka at a restaurant we like to call ‘Russia.’ I frolicked along Times Square.  It was all so amazing.

Would I ever live in NYC? No. But I can see why people do. My advice is to you is to make it there at least once. This trip will require some careful planning, you can experience it all while you’re there. Go big – see a show. Go shopping. Spend all your money. It’ll be worth it.

The only hiccup I had in my travels to NYC was when I booked a flight back to Chicago Monday morning so I could make it on time for work. However, American Airlines had a different plan. There ended up being something wrong with the pressure in the cabin, so after being seated then told to get off then hearing we may not take off for a couple hours – I was definitely late for work. American Airlines ended up paying for my to fly United (my preferred airline) and I got to work around 2.. only 5 hours late. If you want to extend your weekend getaway to Monday, I recommend taking a half or off day at work so you have some wiggle room to get back in time. It’s not worth the high stress of trying to get back to the office in time on a Monday morning.

New York City Holiday Lights Tour
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