Party Fowl

nash6I recently wrote about my trip to Nasvhille and the visit to Party Fowl, a newer restaurant in theย East Gulch District. We called the morning of to make a reservation for 20 people, and they had no problem with it! When we arrived, a table with enough seats for everyone was already set up and ready to go.

“Enjoy a Mouthful of the South!”

They have over 20 local beers on tap, but most of us girls wanted a cocktail or mixed, fruity drink for brunch. I ordered a version of a Tom Collins. It tasted just like sweet tea – but there was some Tennessee moonshine added to it! The menu was amazing. Party Fowl had everything from chicken with stuffed french toast to bacon-fried potato chips. We were definitely in the right place to cure a hangover.

For my meal, I chose the Rancher’s Pie:

Smoked Chicken, Carrots, Corn topped with Cheese and Mashed Potatoes served over House-Made Cornbread

What more could you want?!

The service here was a perfect 10. They brought our drinks and food out in a timely fashion, and no one’s order was wrong! That impresses me for a group of 20. The group had such a fun time here and it was the perfect brunch atmosphere to start our day. I will be back, Party Fowl!


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