The Top 5 Most Photogenic Places I Saw in Copenhagen

Copenhagen cover

Copenhagen is stunningly beautiful. Honestly, the pictures I’ve seen online and on other blogs are what enticed me to visit Copenhagen in the first place. Luckily, I had a friend that felt the same way about Copenhagen as I did.

One random day back in February, I decided to look at flights from Chicago to Copenhagen on United for early June, and I was shocked at what I found: $236 to Copenhagen. There was that long layover in Toronto, but I was sold, and my friend was too. We booked it immediately.

After our adventure in Toronto, we were set to arrive in Copenhagen early on a Saturday morning. We couldn’t wait to not only see the sights, but see what Copenhagen weekend and nightlife had in store for us!

We decided to go the AirBnB route for Copenhagen, and stayed at a very clean and lovely place about 4 train stops away from the city center. Trains were consistent and safe in Copenhagen, so this was no problem. We bought a 72 hour weekend tourist pass for our stay, since we would be there for 3 days. This allowed us to explore all the photogenic areas of Copenhagen with zero issue.

All my pictures you’re about to see were taken on my iPhone 6. Let’s all keep in mind that I am no photographer, but I had a blast snapping these pictures in the most gorgeous areas of Copenhagen.

Let’s also keep in mind that there are definitely more than 5 scenic places to see in Copenhagen, but I thought I would try to narrow it down to my personal favorite spots.

It’s too hard to rank them, so this is in no significant order. Without further ado, here are the top 5 most photogenic places I saw while exploring Copenhagen during my 3 day stay in June:

1. Nyhavn

copenhagen nyhavn copenhagen nyhavn 3 copenhagen nyhavn 2


2. The King’s Garden aka┬áRosenborg Castle Gardens

copenhagen garden copenhagen garden 2kings garden copenhagen


3. Frederiksberg Gardens/Sondermarken

copenhagen park copenhagen park 2copenhagen gardens


4. Frederiksberg Alle

copenhagen street 2 copenhagen street


5. Assistens Cemetery

copenhagen cemetery copenhagen cemetery 2

As you can see, I was amazed at the green space and parks that Copenhagen had to offer! I was also blown away by the gardens. We were blessed with one clear sky day, and the other two were a bit grey and hazy, which made pictures that day look a little more bleh. To our luck though, it only drizzled on us one time for 10 minutes.

After walking so much, it was definitely relaxing to have a seat in one of the many parks and people watch. They keep them very clean and looking sharp. This was definitely one of the biggest perks of this European city.

Hopefully these pictures of the places I saw in Copenhagen inspire you to make a visit one day! With flights under $250, what are you waiting for?!

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