Repeat trips are bound to occur with how frequent I weekend getaway. When I came back from NOLA on October 2nd, I had 6 days to hang out at my home in Chicago before taking off for Atlanta! I was in Atlanta for work back in February, and work had me there again for the Type-A Parent Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed this blogger conference, and made a ton of great contacts. It was even held at the same hotel where I stayed last time, in the heart of Buckhead. I was happy to be in that area again because it is home to the best restaurant I’ve ever been to – Umi. I would eat there every day if I could, all joking aside. The conference in Atlanta was a great success and I can’t wait for future Type-A Conferences!

ShareASaleOur booth at the show.

Atlanta View from my hotel room! In the middle of October and people were still laying out by the pool!

So, two weeks after I got back from Atlanta, I departed for Cleveland. You may remember my post about Cleveland for my friend’s Bachelorette party. This trip was for her wedding! I was obsessed with her venue. It was located in downtown Cleveland at a historic retail center and the iconic Hyatt Regency Hotel called The Arcade. It had a skylight spanning over 300 feet in an Victorian-era structure. Enough said, but I’ll let some of the pictures I captured do the talking. My friends and I danced the night away with the bride and went to a bowling alley after the reception, which was in walking distance. I hate to say it, but Cleveland has a lot to offer!

FriendsSome of my best friends before the reception!

BrideThe pretty bride and her cake.

repeat9The Arcade – venue for the reception.

SkylightI loved her pumpkin flower centerpieces!

Another two weeks passed after my Cleveland trip and I was roadtripping down to Cincinnati for one of my favorite new traditions – a Bengals game with my dad! Last year, we went to the Thursday night game when they played the Browns, and it just so happened the Thursday night game this year versus the Browns worked with my schedule. We tailgated before the game at a few different places then walked into the game for kick-off. The Bengals played so much better this year and won! My dad and I had too much fun at the game, and I’m so happy I squeezed in this weekend getaway. WHO DEY!

Bengals Welcome to the Jungle.

Bengals GameMy silly pops and I!

EifertMy favorite player! He scored a few touchdowns for me.

I drove back to Chicago on Saturday and had one night sleeping in my own bed before I was off to Vegas for work! But I’ll leave that for another post and end with a gorgeous picture I snapped above Colorado on the way to Sin City.


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