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Have you ever had one of those days where you’re really in the mood to just ‘Treat Yo’Self?’ If you love Parks and Rec as much as I do, you especially know what I’m talking about.


My friend and I had the amazing idea that we needed a night to spend too much money on delicious food, relax and treat ourselves. Fine dining and wining was going to happen at RPM Italian. We have been here before, but mostly for cocktails. It was time to experience one of the best Italian food restaurants in the city of Chicago. We felt like classy ladies as we sat down at our reserved table and began diving right into the menu. We did not hold back.

For appetizers, we went for the Lobster Caprese, Fresh Homemade Ricotta on Semolina Toast and Gnocco Fritto.



We were just getting started. We decided to spilt entrees, as well. The Eggplant Parmesan and Pappardelle Bolognese were speaking to us (well, to be honest, I had no idea what Pappardelle Bolognese was but I trusted my friend’s judgement for that one).


You would think by now, two girls would be full on three appetizers and two entrees. Not us. To end the ‘Treat Yo’Self’ meal, we decided to order not one, but two desserts. We got Bill’s Chocolate Budino (we had to – it’s Bill Rancic’s favorite!) and the Hazelnut Tartufo.



Not pictured: A bottle of the finest Pinot Noir.

Everything was FABULOUS. The food tasted great, the service was outstanding and the atmosphere at RPM Italian was perfect. Hats off to you, Giuliana & Bill!

I'm Abby - a weekend getawayer, lover of beach volleyball, grilled cheese enthusiast and puppy dog admirer.

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