Salt Lake City, UT

One of my closest friends from High School, Alli, lives in Salt Lake City, UT. I decided to visit her over the 4th of July this past Summer, which was definitely one of the better decisions I’ve made in life. I brought my luggage with me to work my day of departure and hopped right on the train to head to the airport once my day concluded. I had to bring a checked bag for this one because it was an extended weekend. The cheapest ticket I found was through Delta by using, which ended up being a little more pricey than what I originally wanted to pay. But, I was glad I bought it months in advance, because the prices only went up from there.

The view flying into Salt Lake City was gorgeous. I got into Utah a little after 8pm with the time change on a Wednesday, so my friend picked me up and drove me around to show me her new city. I had been tired from traveling all day, so we decided to lay low. We had plenty of adventures planned for my long weekend stay! On the actual 4th, we drove through Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon, and ended up in Park City. We found a live band playing nearby, so naturally we chugged a beer in the parking lot and headed over to listen to some free jams. The background was gorgeous – green mountains everywhere. The temperature was a little hot for my taste, but not humid. We strolled over to downtown Park City and I instantly fell in love. The shops and restaurants lining the streets were all different colors, shapes and sizes, and of course, the backdrop of the mountains surrounded the city. I pretty much forced my friend to take me on the ski lift that was operating to get a view from above – and it was free! It was a long round trip, but I am definitely glad I got to see the entire city from the top. I can’t exactly put into words what drew me into this city, but I know that I am definitely going back.

Aside from our Park City adventure, I got to relax and spend time at her apartment complex’s pool and hot tub, we went for a long hike and I got to familiarize myself with downtown Salt Lake City. The whole trip – besides the flight – didn’t cost me too much. I was able to sleep and eat meals at Alli’s, which helped generously. If you have a friend that lives out west, what’s your excuse for not visiting? I know a lot of people like to head to the mountains during the Winter, but take it from me – it’s just as beautiful and there’s as many adventures to embark on in the Summer.

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