Skyline Dip – A Cincinnati Favorite!

Skyline Dip Half of you are probably thinking, ‘What is this gross mess I’m looking at?’ Whereas the other half are wondering, ‘How can I get my hands on that greasy goodness?’ This post is for the group asking themselves the second question!

That picture, my friends, is of Skyline Dip. It’s one of the easiest dips I’ve ever made. It’s comprised of three simple three ingredients:

  1. A block of cream cheese
  2. A can of Skyline Chili
  3. A pack of shredded cheese (I prefer colby-jack)

All you need to do is line your baking dish with a coat of cream cheese on the bottom, add the Skyline Chili evenly over the cream cheese, then spread out the cheese on top. Next, put in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Last – grab your tortilla chips and DIP AWAY!

The delicious Skyline Chili is mostly only available for in-store purchases in the Cincinnati area, but the amazing Cincy Favorites site made it possible for us Cincinnatians to order our favorites from anywhere!

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