Sunday Brunchin’ at Blue Door Kitchen

Blue Door Kitchen

I’m going to be honest with you.. there’s not much to do in Chicago during the Winter except eat. When it gets too unbearably cold to do any sort of outdoor activity, you hop in an Uber and go meet your friends at your favorite restaurant.

A few Sunday’s ago, I woke up contemplating not stepping foot outside. It was 15 degrees, it had just snowed, and I had every intention of staying cooped up with a new Netflix series. Then, the inevitable happened – I realized I was STARVING and had zero food in my apartment. Obviously, a big issue.

I had been wanting to try Blue Door Kitchen in my neighborhood (Gold Coast) for a long time. I decided to check out the brunch menu online, and I was immediately sold. I just needed a friend to eat with. Luckily, I found a friend who agreed to go outside on this frigid day and dine with me. It didn’t take much convincing after I told her to look up the menu.

It was already pretty late in the day at this point – around 2:30pm, so we didn’t need reservations. It was crowded, but most people were just finishing up their brunch and we got sat right away. Blue Door Kitchen serves brunch until 3pm on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, so we made it just in time!

I was very impressed with the overall appearance of Blue Door Kitchen. Of course, you enter in through a giant blue door and you’re quickly welcomed with all sorts of blues and whites inside. There were floating flowers on the table and giant mirrors on the walls. I loved it! It made me feel at home.

blue door kitchen

Also, how cute are these plates?!

blue door kitchen

I loved everything about it’s appearance, but the food was the most important part.

I researched the menu online, but hadn’t read too many reviews on Blue Door Kitchen. I mainly wanted to try it because it is so close to my apartment, and I’m always looking for new places to brunch.

For starters, I was torn between the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Fritters, or the Beignets. I’m always a little hesitant to order Beignets, since I was so spoiled in New Orleans¬†after having the best ones ever! But, you can’t order Beignets everywhere, so we thought why not. Our waitress also recommended them.

I’m sure glad we listened to her, because these Beignets were delicious! They were not only huge, but warm and fluffy with just the right amount of powdered sugar. I mean, look at these things!

blue door kitchen

I was worried I was going to ruin my meal! The best part was that these four Beignets were only $7. I still had two even though I knew my main meal was going to be filling.

Blue Door Kitchen doesn’t have a large, extensive menu, but they definitely cover their bases. They offer all sorts of yummy benedict and hash options, chicken and waffles, classic breakfasts, and salads (but let’s be real – I wasn’t ordering a salad at Sunday brunch). They also have a small a la carte menu and an extensive drink menu. For some reason, we decided to remain sober for this brunch and forgo the alcoholic beverages.

So, back to my main meal. I didn’t know if I felt like going for the Fried Chicken Benedict or the Andouille Sausage and Grits. Two VERY different options. Again, I asked for the waitress’s opinion on this decision. Eventually, she talked me into the grits. I’m usually not a grits type of gal, but it was another one of those meals that you just can’t get everywhere!

My dish came with a sunny side egg up, cheddar grits, pickled peppers, sausage and hot sauce. And did that make it HOT. I’m actually not a hot sauce lover, but it complimented this dish well. I had to take many water breaks, but overall, I was satisfied with my choice.

blue door kitchen

I’m so lucky this cute restaurant is in my neck of the hoods. I will definitely be back for another round of brunch and to try the three cheese mac and cheese.

In the summertime, Blue Door Kitchen opens up a patio, which seems like the perfect setting to have a few adult beverages and good food outside.

Would you try Blue Door Kitchen? Comment below with your thoughts!

blue door kitchen

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