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As some of you may know, I planned a last-minute trip to visit my best friend on Isla Mujeres a couple weeks ago. I loved everything about this little, wacky island. The sunsets were gorgeous, the water was crystal clear and most importantly to me – the food was muy delicioso!

There’s so many options on the island to fight your hunger. There’s everything from upscale restaurants on the resorts, to cute and colorful restaurants along the main strip, to super authentic taco stands ran out of houses. I liked the variety of Mexican food that Isla Mujeres had to offer. it wasn’t all tacos and burritos (although that’s what I chose to eat most of the time). Check out some of the places I wined and dined on the beautiful Island.

Mango Cafe

Mango Cafe is a local and tourist favorite (but mostly tourist). We stopped here for breakfast on the last day, and I was so glad we did! The decor is super bright and vibrant, so it will definitely wake you up. We split an iced coffee because they are huge, and it was very strong coffee! So if the colors in Mango Cafe doesn’t wake you up on your trip, the Mexican coffee certainly will. We also split the coconut french toast and the Mayan scramble. Their french toast is what the people keep coming back to Mango Cafe for. I’m not even a huge coconut fan and I thoroughly enjoyed it! That would be my recommendation for Mango Cafe. While I didn’t snap any pictures of my breakfast, I was able to capture the outside and inside of this little cafe.

isla mujeres isla mujeres

Green Verde

This restaurant was even more adorable! It is a little more off the beaten path, and offers a generous menu. This was actually my first stop for food once I got to the island, so I was starving after my morning of traveling. I decided that I couldn’t go wrong with chicken tacos and a Corona Light – also my first beer of the trip! It went down so smoothly in the 100 degree heat. Since I was not yet used to seeing the prices of the items on the menu in pesos, I was a little scared when I saw my chicken tacos were going to cost me $115. Thank goodness that only equates to about $6. I hadn’t changed my currency over, so my friend picked up the tab on this one. (Pro tip: I recommend exchanging your currency to pesos as soon as you get to the island! There’s a spot to do so right off the ferry port, so you don’t have to go back right away. Everywhere accepts pesos, and some tinier places, like Green Verde, do not accept US dollars or credit cards). But back to the food! It was yummy, looked healthy and was the perfect first Mexican meal! They also gave us super bright green tortilla chips and dipping sauces for free!

isla mujeres isla mujeres isla mujeres

Basto’s Grill

Basto’s Grill was another place we stopped for for breakfast. This seemed to be a more local spot as opposed to a touristy spot on Isla Mujeres. They had just started serving breakfast, so we were there to check it out! It was definitely another cute spot, with good service and good food. However, it was nothing too special. There is better breakfast spots to find on the island. However, their lunch and dinner options may be more exciting! Look at how adorable the building is!

isla mujeres lunch 2 isla mujeres lunch

Lola Valentina

This was my favorite breakfast spot I went to! Lola Valentina was on the main stretch by Playa Norte, but it offered a beachy, open atmosphere with delicious food and drinks. They also had great coffee, and a lot of options for healthy smoothies. A great hangover cure to get you ready for another day in the sun! We ordered one of their more popular dishes, the fried stuffed green peppers. I loved every bite! The BLT eggs benedict was also done very well. I cleared my plate completely, so I was a bit stuffed by the time we left, but savoring each mouthful was worth it!

isla mujeres isla mujeres isla mujeres isla mujeres

Le Metissage

This is the place for you if you’re looking to do a ‘Treat Yo’Self!’ night. Le Metissage is located in the luxury resort, Zoëtry Villa Rolandi. This resort is on a more secluded, private part of the island, and it is gorgeous! It’s located right on the ocean, with stunning views. You can even see Cancun in the background! It’s been said that a few celebrities stay here during their time on Isla Mujeres. We (my friend) was lucky enough to know the chef at this particular fine dining establishment, so he was able to help us out with our reservation, even though we weren’t staying at the hotel. The menu was pre-set, chef’s suggestions style. They really did take care of us! The service was incredible – the dishes came out quickly and everyone was so friendly! The food was so unique, unlike anything I’ve tried before. I didn’t know there were so many options to create ‘foamy’ food! Check out the menu and a couple of my plates below to see how we really did go all out and ‘Treat Ourselves!’

isla mujeres isla mujeres isla mujeres

The Taco Stand

Totally authentic, it doesn’t even have a name! I don’t think. I didn’t notice one, so I apologize for not being able to tell you were we received these amazing tacos! But, if you drive around Isla Mujeres enough, you’re bound to find a couple similar taco stands. It really looked like it was just ran out of someone’s house. They had the meat carving station right in front of you, and you got to pick your toppings. The tacos were a little hot and spicy for me, but they were too good, I couldn’t stop eating them! I highly recommend trying out an authentic Mexican taco stand, such as this one while you’re on the island.

isla mujeres isla mujeres isla mujeres isla mujeres

If the food alone doesn’t inspire you to go to Isla Mujeres, hopefully my next posts about my top 5 favorite things on the island will. Of course, food is one of them.

Have you been to Mexico lately? What were your favorite places to eat? Comment below!

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