The Langham Afternoon Tea

Langham Tea‘Ello! My name’s Abby and I drink tea in fancy places now!

Cubs Opening Weekend was a couple weekends ago, so one day I was enjoying the friendly confines of Wrigley (my old stomping grounds) and the next day I was getting all dolled up for… afternoon tea.

If I’m being honest, Wrigley is more my scene. Drinking beers in the sunshine with some good friends, bouncing around from bar to bar – I enjoy that every once in a while. However, it’s fun getting fancy and trying something different, too!

My ‘treat yo’self’ buddy came to me with the idea of doing The Langham Afternoon Tea in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. I didn’t know anything about it, but I thought it would be a neat experience, so I gladly accepted. We made a reservation for two a week prior and we were on for a ‘treat yo’self’ Sunday edition.

Our reservation wasn’t until 3pm that day, so I was able to gather myself after the day of day drinking festivities in ole Wrigleyville. The dress code called for business casual (which, what even is that these days?), so I threw on a long, black skirt and tied up denim shirt (so not biz cas), and was ready for some tea!

The Langham Hotel is breathtaking on the inside. The decor is outstandingly fancy and I immediately felt out of place. All the minor details they put into the Pavilion aka the tea room make it one of a kind.

Fun fact: The decor is replicated after the original hotel, The Langham, London, where the tradition of afternoon tea was born.

Langham Tea Room

Langham Tea 8See what I mean?

We were quickly greeted and seated at our fancy table. Our waiter was the best! I want to say his name was Mark? Anywho, he let us know what we were getting into and his knowledge of teas blew my mind. Mark also gave us great suggestions on what tea to order. Some of the tea is only available in one of two places – the Langham Hotel or England. Pretty awesome, huh?!

Mark laughed it off when I mentioned I wasn’t that into tea and didn’t know where to begin on what to order. There were too many choices! He recommended I try a black tea with a splash of warm almond milk. And I really liked it! I ended up drinking the whole tea kettle.

Langham Tea

Now, let’s talk about the food at The Langham Afternoon Tea. I had no idea we’d get so much! While the bites were little, we got:

4 sandwiches 

-Grilled Asparagus. Petite Lettuce Salad, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Fresh Ricotta

-Ginger Soy Marinated Big Eye Tuna, Japanese Mayonnaise, Sugar Snap Peas

-Artichoke and Melted Leek Quiche, New Potatoes, Pancetta, Piquillo Peppers

-Roasted Spring Lamb Loin, Minted Yogurtm Greek Feta, Red Onions

Langham Tea 2

Langham Tea 3

2 scones


-Lemon Cherry

4 desserts

-Brown Butter Shortbread, Tahitian Vanilla, Raw Sugar

-Green Tea Petit Four, Jasmine Mousse, Almond Cookie, Currant Jam

-Chocolate Verrine, Dark Chocolate Brownie, Milk Chocolate Mousse

-Carrot Cake

Langham Tea 5

Langham Tea 4

Langham Tea 7

It ended up being pretty filling! My favorite of them all? Hands down, the Chocolate Mousse. It comes with an edible 24 karat gold flake.

Langham Tea 11

So amazing! Afternoon Tea at the Langham was just a delight. Yes, delightful is definitely the best adjective to describe it.

The total cost for this type of fancy, England-esque experience was about $80 total. ($65 + tip for the Markster!) He gave us free chocolate bars afterward 🙂

Langham Tea 9

So will I go back for seconds of afternoon tea at the Langham?

It’s a strong possibility. It just so happens I booked a flight to LONDON today so maybe I’ll get to experience afternoon tea in it’s birthplace!

Have you ever had an afternoon full of tea and scones? Let’s talk about it!

…And check out more on The Langham Afternoon Tea here!

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