Three Oaks, MI

Michigan and I have become pals this year. My old roommate’s wedding in Three Oaks, Michigan marks the 4th time I’ve visited this state in 2015! It really is so beautiful… and pure. I even started following puremichigan’s Instagram account (I recommend you do, too). I can’t wait to explore Northern Michigan and visit all the pretty towns around the lake that I see in the pictures! But until then, I’d like to share with you my time spent in Three Oaks.

I was super excited when my roommate told us she would be getting married in a Vineyard. I’ve never been to an all outdoor wedding and I knew with her taste, this one was going to be beautiful. And I was right! When we arrived at Willow Harbor Vineyards for her big day, I was blown away. Not only was the weather perfect, but the setting was everything you needed on a wedding day. The bride and her maids had their own ‘Bridal Cottage,’ the groomsmen had a place to cool off, the bar was plenty stocked, and the tent for the reception looked phenomenal!

We took a lot of group shoots among the vines when we arrived, then had some time to relax and eat before the guests starting arriving (we had been up since 7:30am – this was important). We mostly hid in the Bridal Cottage with the glowing bride and then it was finally time to watch one of my best Chicago friends marry her love while I stood by her side with eight other amazing bridesmaids.

The ceremony was short, but very sweet and there was a cocktail hour before dinner and dancing was to commence under the tent. For dinner, I ordered salmon and of course ate some of my boyfriend’s steak. Willow Harbor also did a great job with the food (not surprised). Then, we hit the dance floor. Hard. Being that we didn’t leave the reception until 1:30am, it’s safe to say everyone had a ball. I think they should throw a party at the same vineyard every year on their anniversary!

Check out some of the pictures I was able to snap with my trusty iPhone on that awesomely-good day!








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