Top 5 Things to do in Tulum

Tulum is the new hot spot in Mexico. I started to see more and more posts pop up on my Instagram feed about it right around the time I was discussing going ‘glamping’ with my friends at the beginning of this year.

My two college friends and I try to do a big trip every year, and we wanted this year to be something out of the ordinary. We had done Europe in the past, so we figured it was time for a beach getaway. We looked into Cuba and Colombia, but flights were too pricey for our taste.

Then, in a simple google search, we found amazing, eco-friendly glamping sites available in Tulum for fairly cheap. When we went to look at flights for April into Cancun, that was relatively priced as well. We quickly went to work in getting this trip booked.

Unfortunately, the glamping thing didn’t work out – three girls sharing a small tent for 4 days all of the sudden didn’t seem like the best idea. I’ll save glamping for another time.

Fortunately, we did find an awesome AriBnB right between town and the beach with a refreshing pool, bikes, 2 queen beds, a nice kitchen and lounge area, and two good sized bathrooms – what more do you need?! It was also located in a very safe development.

We took off for Cancun at the end of April and hired a transportation company to drove us the two hours to Tulum. We got settled and were ready to get our adventure and relaxation on.

I loved everything about Tulum, and I want to share with you all my top 5 favorite things we did during our 4 day stay.

1. Downtown Shops & Restaurants

If you go to Tulum, don’t spend ALL your time by the beach. Be sure to venture to their town area to shop and dine at their delicious restaurants. I bought a cute sarong and a dream catcher for my apartment. Be ready to bargain! 

2. Beach Clubs

But also, don’t spend all your time downtown! I know that won’t be a problem. Along beach road in Tulum, there are SO many beach clubs and bars to hang out at. We chose Ziggy’s for one of the days, and it was so fun. The service was great, and the minimum was only $30 USD a person. We splurged on Corona Lights and coconut shrimps, and definitely enjoyed the water on that hot day.

3. The Ruins

During this trip, we went to the ancient Mayan city of Coba, right outside Tulum (about 45 minutes by car). We climbed the largest pyramid, Ixmoja, which is 138 feet tall and 120 stone steps to the top! It was such a neat experience. There’s also ruins right in Tulum that you can spot from certain spots of the beach.

4. Cenotes

Cenotes are a must when you visit Tulum. They mean ‘sacred well,’ and they are deep natural pools or sinkholes. We went to two different cenotes near Coba. It was very refreshing since they are out of the sun and the water is SO clear. My favorite of the two was the Tankach-ha cenote because of the 10 foot and 15 foot diving platforms. I got water up my nose when I jumped, but it was fun to watch other people dive, flip and twirl into the water. Be careful – the steps are very slippery!

5. Spa Day

Last but not least (as it was probably my most favorite experience), was our spa day. We decided to treat ourselves and get full body massages and facials right on the beach. Nothing is more relaxing than this, especially being able to hear the waves crash on the shore. We booked our spa appointments at the beautiful Azulik Resort. I couldn’t say more wonderful things about this place. It was gorgeous from the waiting area to the locker room to the journey out to our massage tables. Just check out the pictures! Simply magical.


There you have it – 5 amazing activities to do during your next trip to Tulum (because you are going, right?)

Tulum is such a well-rounded, fun spot with a lot going on. I would definitely go back to Tulum, but my next Mexico trip is going to be CABO in December. I can’t get enough of their beaches and fun activities!

Have you been to Mexico? What’s your favorite thing to do?

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