My Top 5 To Go List

I’m constantly planning new trips and thinking about where I’d like to visit next! These next 5 cities are ones that I’d like to get to ASAP!I like to call it my ‘to go’ list!

1. New Orleans

Not only do I want to visit New Orleans to drink my face off on Bourbon Street, but I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the culture and their awesome haunted tours. I think I should put New Orleans for Mardi Gras on my Bucket List.

2. San Francisco

This girl has never been to California. Once I do make it out there, I think San Francisco is the city that most entices me. I am fascinated with the Golden Gate Bridge and would love the chance to see it in person.

3. Seattle

I don’t think the weather could hold me back from exploring the ins and outs of Seattle. I love heights and would have to take a ride up the Space Needle.

4. Washington DC

Everyone should visit our nation’s capital. I’d love an opportunity to see the White House and the Washington Monument.

5. Nashville

My hometown is only 4 hours from Nashville and I love country music – how have I not been here yet? Unlike the major landmarks and events that the other cities in my list have that entice me, I mostly want to go to Nashville for the live music and fried food!


I'm Abby - a weekend getawayer, lover of beach volleyball, grilled cheese enthusiast and puppy dog admirer.

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