Umi – Oh My!

While I was in Buckhead, Georgia for work, I got to eat the best lobster and scallop I have ever tasted (hands down) at Umi. I wasn’t alone on this either – my two colleagues agreed. The dishes were served over a mini hot flame grill with all the sauces and spices necessary to tickle your taste buds in the best way possible. The flame also added the perfect crispiness to the lobster and scallops. The sushi was amazing and the service was second to none. For dessert, we ordered a chocolate ball (what I’m calling it because I forgot to write down the name) that came with a mallet. I was told to gently touch the top of the ball with the mallet to showcase the deliciousness that was inside. Well, it was a long day, so I took a swing and chocolate went flying everywhere. Nonetheless, it was a mouthwatering dessert.

I will certainly be visiting Umi when I’m back in October.

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