Washington, DC

Aw, The Capital of the US.

In my 27 years of living, my first time visiting ‘The District’ was last weekend! My mother always told me it was a trip she wished she had taken me and the bros on, so I’m not sure why it never happened. It’s also been on my own bucket list for quite some time – even before I wrote this post two years ago (fun fact: I can now cross all but one of those destinations off the list!) I’ve always wanted to see the statues, monuments and the White House up close and personal…well, I guess not TOO close. So how did I finally end up visiting the District of Columbia?

When my two roommates and I sadly parted ways back in August and I went solo to my lil studio, one of my friends went back to her hometown area of DC. I had always wanted to travel back with her when she visited her friends and family, but timing never seemed to work out with my own travels. After us three moved out, my other friend who stayed in Chicago and I quickly made plans to fly to DC to see our other bestie in her new habitat. It took a bit of time to find a weekend that would work with her crazy schedule and my work travels, but we finally found a free weekend. We booked our flight in September for December 11th and thought about surprising our ‘roomie’. But since we love to plan ahead, we felt it was best to let her know over a drunken Sunday Funday Facetime call. We were also able to call in a couple recruits to join us for this fun-filled weekend of monument seeing and exploring. Our friend that recently moved to Philly drove down to meet us and another companion flew in from Charlotte. How us five came to be friends is a confusing and perplexing situation, so I’ll save that for another time. I’m just happy I got to experience a super neat city with these girls!

My friend and I that flew together decided to get to the airport a little early to start the trip with a couple glasses of wine. We had an awesome flight attendant on Southwest that hooked us up with a couple free drinks (although, I don’t think he realized he didn’t charge us…) and we touched down in DC super quick! Our other friends had already arrived, so they were in the pick-up line at DCA eager with excitement to see us when we landed – NOT. We waited about 20 minutes, whilst jamming to Beyonce, waiting for our friends to show up. To give them credit, our flight was early. It was already pretty late, so we decided to stay in, catch up with more wine and save our energy for Saturday exploring.

The weather was beyond incredible for this trip. We could not have picked a better weekend. I think it got up to almost 70 that Saturday. Did I mention this is mid-December? In DC? It was just perfect for checking out Obama’s house, strolling over to the Washington Monument, and saying hi to Mr. Abe Lincoln. Although the monuments were quite the sight to see, the people watching is just as good. I could have sat outside the Washington Monument for hours in the sunshine, checking out the other tourists and active people in the city (seems a little creepy now that I think about it). The parks and the sidewalks were lined beautifully with trees, and I was starting to see why people wanted to live so close to such tourist attractions.  The DC native was not a very good tour guide – sorry B, but I think it was almost better taking in everything myself. After the miles walked, it was time for us old ladies to head back, and enjoy some Skyline Dip and take a nap.



Washington Monument 2

Washington Capital

Washington DC

Reflection Pool

Our friend lives in the Glover Park neighborhood, which is a super cute area with different styled houses, most of which had front porches and tiny, adorable front yards. The best part is it’s only about a 10 minute drive from all the monuments. We decided to stay in Glover Park on Saturday night, so we checked out a sushi place within walking distance. Sushi Keiko has some of the best rolls I’ve ever tasted, which says a lot because I’ve had my fair share of sushi in Chicago. I could not be more pleased with the service, or the fact that we got the whole upstairs to ourselves to be as loud and obnoxious as we wanted to! I wish I remembered what rolls I got to try, but honestly, it’s probably all delicious. When I go back to visit, I hope we make another stop here. After dinner, we walked to a bar across the street and stayed way too late. Thank goodness for the 24-hour CVS, we got our frozen pizza and chips fill in before we crashed.

Washington DC Sushi

Glover Park Neighborhood

Washington DC3

Washington DC2

Sunday rolled around and we didn’t necessarily move until about 11am. Her parents live in Great Falls, VA, about 45 minutes from DC, so we went for a scenic drive out there for some homemade brunch. They have three dogs, so it was amazing to eat and lounge around with the precious pups all day. Our flight was at 7pm, so we had enough time to relax and pull ourselves together before flying back to Chicago.

Washington DC Dogs

Washington DC Dogs2

I had an amazing time in DC. I know there’s still a ton more that I have to see, but the main focus of this trip was just spending time with some of my best friends! Washington, DC – I will be back.

Reflection Pool2

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