Wedding Season Starts in Columbus, OH

As I’ve mentioned here and here, a few of my best friends live in Columbus, OH-IO. I am no stranger to this city, as I love going to visit them and frequently do so in Buckeye land. My friends have lived in various apartments throughout the city, so I feel like I always have a third home when I go to Columbus (Chicago being my number one home and Cincinnati being number two).

This particular trip to Columbus was for a great friend and college volleyball teammate’s wedding. There’s about nine of us that met in the small college town of Ada, OH at Ohio Northern University that still keep in touch. We are scattered throughout the US, but I know that when we get together, it’s like we never left each other’s side. Three of them are in Columbus, two in Cleveland, one in Atlanta, one in Houston, one that travels the world and then there’s me in Chicago. Their friendship means a great deal to me, which is why I’m so happy that after five years, we’re still as close as ever. We’ve been through it all together – from fun college parties to tough losses on the court, to Spring Break and Summer vacations and now weddings. Two of us have already taken the leap and I was so excited to watch a third friend take the plunge! I was actually in Columbus the night this couple met, so it was super fun to watch their relationship grow! (That’s all I got for the mushy stuff, so please read on…)

ONU bestiesAll 9 of my college friends!

I was extra excited about this wedding because all of our parents are also good friends from traveling to our games throughout the season, so they were invited to the wedding, as well. This means I got to spend a weekend with my lovely Faja and Maja.

I typically fly to Columbus because flights are cheap through Southwest and it’s usually a 6+ hour drive from Chicago. Flights were a bit more expensive this particular weekend, and I believe it was because of the Garth Brooks performance taking place. I ended up waiting up until a couple weeks before the wedding and found the cheaper option to be United this time. I flew into Columbus after work and got in around midnight. I took a cab to the hotel, which was only about 15 minutes from the airport. The first night was uneventful, but my mom and I got to play catch up and we got some rest before the big day.

Saturday morning, we checked out Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails for brunch. It was right across from our hotel in the heart of the Uptown District. I started my day with a Mimosa and my mom got a Bloody Mary. Both were great! The food was even better. I ordered the Comfort Quesadilla – scrambled eggs, ghost pepper cheese, provolone cheese and guacamole in a flour tortilla with breakfast potatoes, sour cream and fresh salsa. You better believe I added chorizo to that bad boy, too. One of the better breakfast quesadillas I’ve had! If you’re in the Columbus area, take a look at their brunch menu here. My dad got ‘Sal’s Big Mess’ comprised of two grilled biscuits topped with breakfast potatoes, house-made red-eye sausage gravy and scrambled eggs. Luckily, he shared because that was awesome too.


My breakfast quesadilla from Tip Top.


Tip Top Scene.

After brunch, it was time to get all dolled up and head to the chapel! They got married in a beautiful church, only about 10 minutes from Uptown. I didn’t take any pictures during ceremony, except for this one of the sweet ceiling!


Ceiling and the back of heads – I’ll let the photographers do the job.

It was a lovely service and I had a smile on my face the whole time as I watched my two friends become husband and wife. We had a couple hours to kill afterward before the reception, so what did we do? Went back to Tip Top, of course! This time, we had more friends join us for some pre-reception beers. They had a shuttle going back and forth between the reception and the hotel across the street, so we had a good time on the patio, since it was just barely warm enough (but the sun was shining, so that was good enough reason to be outside for me). I had a wonderful time chatting with my other friends from college and seeing everyone’s parents. Time went by super fast and before we knew it, we were on the shuttle to do some more partying for the happy couple! Their venue and food was amazing, and my parents, my friends and their parents, even our old volleyball coach, had a blast tearing up the dance floor! Below are the few pictures I took throughout the day with my friends and family.


Columbus Wedding




Now that the wedding is over, I don’t know when I’ll see everyone at once again, but I hope it’s soon! You’ll be seeing a a couple of them here on the blog soon, as I’m planning a trip to London and Ireland with them! I can’t wait.

Has wedding season travels already started for you? Feel free to comment below!

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